About Us

Our church today is a living record of both God’s faithfulness and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ serving their Lord through thick and thin.

Grove Memorial United Methodist Church is still discovering new ways to achieve its purpose, to spread the good news. of Jesus Christ, which comes from the Biblical mandate: “Go, and make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28 19-20)! Our motto for following God’s path is with : “One heart, one mind, one purpose.”

Long before Grove memorial was formed and built, the seeds for her fruition were actually sown in 1831 when the First Methodist church was built. In the late 1860’s the members in First Church were David Grove, and his wife and Mrs. Elizabeth Livingstone Rhodes, who were instrumental in building what is now the First United Methodist Church in Lewistown. Rev. E. H. Yocum, the pastor of First Church, saw the growth of what became known as a “suburban” church. However, Rev. Yocum recognized the importance of small neighborhood type churches in the south and west ends of Lewistown. Therefore, in 1925 Grove Memorial United Methodist Chruch became a reality.

On July 6, 1925, ground was broken to begin building this church. On September 25th the Rev. J. Howard Ake, Superintendent of the Harrisburg District, laid the corner-stone. The building was finally completed in 1926 and was named Grove Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church in David Grove’s memory. It was dedicated on July 11, 1926, with Rev. Ralph R. Miller, the first pastor of this church, officiating.

This history that grew from seeds sown in 1831 have led to generations of service to our Lord Jesus Christ through this “neighborhood” church in the Seventh Ward of Lewistown.  The church is poised to serve God locally, regionally, and globally as long as we are called to do so. All of us, old and young, must do our part as the charter members did so Grove Memorial United Methodist Church will continue to grow upholding its vision of “One Heart, One Mind, One Purpose!”