Call to Worship and Congregational Prayer – April 22, 2018


What a joy it is to welcome you this day!

We are grateful and happy to be here.

Christ, the Good Shepherd, invites you to walk with him.

We accept that invitation, confident in his guidance.

Be ready to serve the Lord in all that you do, for his love has been poured upon you.

Open our hearts and spirits this day, Lord, to receive your holy words and to be challenged in our service to you. AMEN.



Our souls are weary, O God. We hear to easily the loud clamor of the world. We witness the terror and trauma all around us. We long for the “good old days” when life seemed so much safer and simpler; when we felt cherished and protected. In this spirit, we have come to this time of worship, seeking your peace and hope. The Psalmist wrote of green pastures and refreshing springs of water, places of rest. Offerings of quietness and comfort flood our thirsting souls. What we would give for such places in the heart! In the midst of all that is difficult, there is one who leads us to these places where, when we have gathered strength and healing, we are prepared to go forth in confidence to serve again. Serving Jesus, the Good Shepherd, AMEN.

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