Call to Worship and Congregational Prayer – February 25, 2018


Today we step up a little higher on our Lenten Journey

We are moving from contemplation to action.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Yes, we are ready. The cross is before us.

Come, walk together on this journey to the Cross.

Lord, prepare our hearts and our spirits for this next step.



Guiding Lord, even though we hesitated on our Lenten journey; we vowed to come with you through all the trials and fears toward the Cross.

Today we face the challenge which true commitment brings. Are we willing to offer our whole selves to you in service? We would like to think that we can do that, but we are aware of how many times we have turned away from service and instead focused on our own desires.

Remind us again of the commitment you would have us give if we are to become disciples. Forgive our stubbornness and fears. Lead us forward, gracious Lord, up these steps toward the Cross.


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