Call to Worship and Opening Prayer – November 11, 2018

Call to Worship

L: Come, take your rest this day

P: Lord, free us from the stresses we have endured this week.

L: Come, put your minds at ease.

P: Lord, ease the burdens and frustrations of our lives.

L: Come. For this is the house of the Lord. It is here that you will find peace.

P: Praise and thanks be to God for giving us sanctuary. AMEN.

Prayer of Confession

Gracious God, so often we look at ourselves, our gifts and our talents, and wonder what you would do with these offerings. We don’t think that we have much to give. So, far too many times, we belittle the gifts and turn our backs on the needs and opportunities present to serve, believing that our gifts cannot possibly make a difference. We think that we must possess the greatest of talents and wealth in order to truly please and serve you. How foolish we are!

Forgive us when we stop listening to your healing and comforting words and focus on our anxieties. Heal us, Lord. Help us know that you have given to us such blessings and that these blessings are truly wonderful and meant to be used to joy and service to others. Help us to bring our lives, just as they are, to you and to receive your gentle touch and healing grace. For we ask this in Jesus’ Name.


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