Call to Worship and Prayer of Confession

Call to Worship

L: Who is wise and understanding among us?

P: Those who seek wisdom and understanding each and every day. Those who delight in God

and meditate on God’s law.

L: Come, learn more about the wisdom from above, a wisdom that yields a harvest of righteousness.

P: O God, your wisdom is more precious than jewels! We draw near to you.


Prayer of Confession (James 3)

O God, we live our lives as best we can—dealing with difficult relationships and situations, putting failures and disappointments behind us, and moving into each new day with as much energy, goodwill, and optimism as we can muster.

But here, right now, we seldom have the right answers, we seldom seek your higher wisdom in our lives, we just move ahead.

Forgive us for not asking for your insight.

Fill us with your wisdom, that we may live lives of goodness and peace. Amen.

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