Call to Worship and Prayer of Confession – November 18, 2018

Call to Worship

L: Come worship the Lord who is in our midst today.

P: There is no Holy One like our God.

L: Like Hannah of old, we raise our voices to praise the Lord of strength.

P: There is no Rock like our God.

L: We prepare to listen and learn with open hearts and open minds.

P: There is no Source of knowledge like our God.

L: We trust that righteousness will come
on the heels of God’s judgment.

P: There is no Justice like our God.

L: May the Son of our God lead us into faith. There is no Guide like our God. Come worship the Lord who is in our midst today. Amen


Prayer of Confession

Rock of Salvation, you give children to the barren and strength to the feeble; you exalt the poor and lift up the needy.

We praise your holy name from morning to night, yet we build walls that separate us: from you, from one another, from the world, even from ourselves.

We place stumbling blocks in the way of goodness and truth.

We are led astray by promises of earthly treasure.

We confess our fallibility and seek solace in the mother of our joy.

Teach us to pray and praise without pause,
confessing hope ceaselessly.

Guide us in our efforts to encourage one another, to work together for good in the world,
and to prepare for the day of the Lord.

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