Call to Worship & Congregational Prayer – December 23, 2018

Call to Worship

L: God has done great things for us!

P: God’s love is heralded in the promise of Christ.

L: Holy is God’s name!

P: God’s promises are fulfilled in the coming of Christ.

L: God’s mercy extends from generation to generation.

P: God’s salvation is offered in the gift of Christ.

Congregational Prayer

Holy God, your prophet Micah foretold with faith that a new ruler would come forth from Bethlehem—today we celebrate the fulfillment of your promise; your daughter Elizabeth proclaimed with faith that her cousin was to be the mother of her Lord—today we celebrate the fulfillment of your promise; your servant Mary proclaimed with faith that she would be called blessed by all generations— today we celebrate the fulfillment of your promise.

Make us bold enough to proclaim with faith— the coming of your kingdom, the coming of your justice, the coming of your peace.

May we sing out the good news of your salvation, trusting in fulfillment of your promises.

All this we pray in the name of the one who comes. Amen.

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