Call to Worship & Congregational Prayer – July 15, 2018

CALL TO WORSHIP (responsive)

L: Open wide the doorways of our sanctuary!
P: May the king of glory come into our midst.

L: Who is this king of glory?
P: This king of glory is our Savior Jesus Christ.

L: Open the doors of our hearts to receive Jesus Christ.
P: May our spirits and our hearts receive his blessing now and forever. AMEN.


In the midst of our “summer” lives, O Lord, so many things have claimed our attention. We worked hard this year to earn a little rest and recreation, to break away from the stresses of our everyday living. But in the midst of all this change, we have too often pushed our worship of you aside. We have focused so much on our needs for physical change and peace that we have neglected our spiritual hungers and thirst. Forgive us when we are tempted to stray from our worship of you and focus entirely on ourselves and our own needs. As we celebrate this day, help us to remember all the wondrous things you continue to do for us. Let us look at the world as a place of delight. And when we encounter situations in which sorrow and hurt abound, help us to be ready to bring hope and peace. Be with us in this warm days of summer, preparing us for ministry and mission, in your holy name. AMEN.

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