Call to Worship & Congregational Prayer – May 6, 2018


Welcome to the community of faith, the family of God!

We come as families, large and small in number, seeking God’s love.

God’s love is here for you.

Help us to understand how we are connected to God.

We abide in Christ Jesus, in love and compassion.

May our spirits be renewed and our connection to God be strengthened through our worship today. AMEN


Easter is such a wonderful season, Lord. Hope springs anew in our hearts. As the earth is being refreshed by the warmth of spring, so we have been refreshed and made new by the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we want to stay in this euphoria forever. But you have called us to go into the valley, to those who need to hear of your love and to feel your caring presence. In his words of hope, Jesus prepared his disciples to be witnesses. We have heard these words before, but far too often, we have turned our backs to this message. We don’t quite believe that we are capable of actually living our whole lives in your love. So we act in ways that are often neglectful and hurtful of others. We take more time pampering ourselves than we do helping other people. It is easier to justify our selfish desires than it is to witness to your transforming love. Stop us in our tracks, O Lord. Turn us around. Help us to face our weakness and your forgiving grace. Heal us of our sins, and place us again on the paths of peace. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

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