Call to Worship & Opening Prayer – October 28, 2018

Call to Worship

L: Bless the Lord at all times.

P: Let everyone bless God.

L: Praise the Lord continually.

P: Let everyone praise Christ.

L: Our souls boast in the Lord.

P: We boast in the Spirit’s greatness.

L: With one voice, we magnify and exalt the Lord, for God has delivered us and made us whole.

P: Exalt our God, the Lord of life.

Prayer of Confession

Great Triune God, through Jesus Christ,
our great and eternal High Priest, we give you praise and consecrate ourselves to follow you.

As we worship you and celebrate your glorious resurrection, open our eyes so that we may see — open the eyes of our mind to learning and understanding; open the eyes of our heart, to love and compassion; open the eyes of our soul,
to see our spiritual selves during our time of worship.


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