Call to Worship & Prayer of Confession – February 18, 2018

Call to Worship

Leader: We trust in you, O God, for you are faithful.

People: Show us your ways and teach us your paths.

Leader: We wait for you.

People: Lead us in your paths of truth.

Leader: Do not remember our failures.

People: Out of your merciful grace, forgive us.

Leader: You are faithful, O God. Your love is steadfast.

People: We lift up our souls to you, and praise you always.

Prayer of Confession

God of the rainbow, you made a covenant with all creatures, promising life and hope.

God of pathways, you show us how we should walk.

Yet we forget our connection with one another and think that we are the center of the universe.

We wander from your paths of truth into paths of deceit and pride.

Forgive us and lead us back
into the arms of your love.


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