Call to Worship & Prayer of Confession – December 9, 2018

Call to Worship

L: It’s time to get ready for the journey.

P: Where are we going?

L: We are heading for the Manger and then to the Cross.

P: What will we find?

L: Today we will find peace, along with hope

P: We are ready. Let the journey begin.

Prayer of Confession

Lord, hear us this day as we open our hearts and our spirits to you. These times in which we live are often confusing and fearful. We are pushed to make preparations for a season which is supposed to bring hope and peace; yet we crowd it with obligations and stresses and shut the door to your healing love and compassion. We find ourselves being on edge, fretful, wondering if we have done enough, can do enough.

You answer our fears with your voice, “Peace, be still”. Help us to hear you. Slow us down. Encourage us to take some time to listen rather than shout, to stop and rest rather than run. Cause us to look around at situations and people who are in need and to place our focus on helping them. For it is in helping your people and reaching out in love that we will find true peace.

These things we pray, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

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