Call to Worship & Prayer of Confession – September 2, 2018

Call to Worship

L: Summer wanes and the autumn draws close.

P: Lord, help us to be ready for opportunities of service.

L: We have felt the refreshment of time-away.

P: Lord, give us spirits of joy for the times ahead.

L: Come, let us celebrate God’s eternal presence and love.

P: Let us open our spirits to receive God’s direction for our lives. AMEN.


Prayer of Confession

God of mercy, you know us so well. We like to think that we can hide from You, but we are just kidding ourselves. You have offered to us new life, characterized by honesty, compassion, joy, and peace. You have invited us into ministries of peace and justice; but we have far too often turned our back on opportunities for service and witness to your transformational love.


Forgive us for our stubbornness. Help us to turn around and listen to your words of hope. Remind us again that you require compassion and mercy in all who serve you; that you will guide our steps and our lives. Give us courage to truly be your witnesses in this world. AMEN.

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