Call to Worship/Prayer of Confession – January 28, 2018

Call to Worship:

Leader: Come to worship this day. Bring with you all your joys and sorrows.

People: Jesus will offer hope.

Leader: Come to worship this day believing in the power of God through Jesus Christ.

People: Jesus will bring us healing.

Leader: Come to worship this day feeling the presence of God.

People: Jesus will teach us new ways to live. AMEN.

Congregational Prayer of Confession: (in Unison)

Merciful God, help us examine our hearts so that we may be convicted of our sins and shortcomings through the ministry of your Holy Spirit within us.

We come to you in the name of Jesus, your Son and our High Priest. We confess that there are times when we go against your hopes for us as your people.

We confess that there are times when we go against your Word for us.  In silence, O LORD, hear us as we confess those things we have done, and those things we have neglected to do; times when we have failed you and each other. . .

(Time of silence)

Loving God, we ask you once again to receive us into your compassionate, forgiving arms that we might find favor with you for all the days of our lives. Empower us to serve you fully, to share the Good News with others around us, to share resources we have with those who have less, to weep with those who weep, and to laugh with those who laugh.  Amen.

Assurance of Pardon:

Leader: God loves us and forgives us.  God gives us the chance to begin again.
All: Thanks be to God.  Amen!

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